COVID-19 proof volunteering

The measures to prevent the virus from spreading have an impact on vulnerable groups within our society such as on the elderly. Many events and companionship activities have been cancelled. Visiting the elderly is discouraged to reduce the risk of them catching the virus. As a result, loneliness is increasing and everyone will agree that this is one of the downsides that we can tackle, no one wants this to happen as a result of the preventive measures taken. This is exactly the reason why we are gathering initiatives together, to limit the social effects caused by the COVID-19 virus.

Below is an overview of the initiatives that we have collated together to support each other and you can do them all safely, from home. Use the time that you now have spare, the time you otherwise would have used to travel to work or to work out in the local gym and be a #SupporterofEachOther.

Phone those who are vulnerable or isolated

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of lonely elderly? Sign up as a volunteer for a call service of a national elderly organisation. As a volunteer, you can be a listening ear or just a pleasant, casual chat right from your couch to the elderly. There are several call services for people living by themselves. Such services offer people a sense of security and social function. Thanks to these services, someone will ask you how you are doing every day of the week.

Do you often hear from others that you’re such a good listener? Then look for a calling service that is looking for just that. If you volunteer, you can be someone to talk to for people who are worried, have problems or who are sad. These services are often anonymous and at a time and place that suit you.

Send a postcard

Seeing the postman walking towards your letterbox with a card is always exciting: who doesn’t want a card in the post? Especially now! Write a few postcards or notes and send them to the nursing home near you. What can you write on them, especially if you don’t know the person you are writing it for? Below we have prepared a number of sample texts:

‘On this day, a little card for you, because who doesn’t like getting post? Greetings,’

‘Though you don’t know me, I want you to know that there is always someone thinking of you. Regards,’

Digital tasks

Use your knowledge and passion and help charitable and social organisations with all kinds of small jobs that can be done digitally and within a few hours: write a social post, blog, do some research or help with bookkeeping.

Digital learning

During this challenging time for society, everyone is incredibly grateful to have people offer their support and to help someone in need. There are so many ways you can offer your support, for example playing online Scrabble with the elderly, offering to play an online game together with other young people who are in quarantine or offer to do someone’s groceries if they can’t themselves. Find out who you can help and show how you are a #supporterofeachother.

Do you or your organisation have other tips that you want to share here? Please send your tip to info@supporterofeachother.org