We all need to stand together to overcome this COVID-19 crisis being a #supporterofeachother during this difficult time for society. This virus doesn’t make a distinction between people or by the football club colours you wear, anyone can catch the virus regardless of their age, race, gender or what nationality you have. For the good of our society, we all need to do our part to prevent the further spread of the virus and keep our society going.

Our tips will inform people about the activities and initiatives taken by people, players, clubs, leagues and FAs from all around the world.

Here are 11 additional tips to help you keep mentally and physically active:

  1. Enjoy a long phone call, facetime, skype or zoom call with friends and family and check in with how they are.
  2. Use social media in a positive way to engage in thoughtful discussions about your favourite books, movies and other hobbies and interests
  3. Create specific routines in your daily life like a fixed breakfast time in the morning, exercise, reading or phone schedules or a comprehensive working schedule with goals and deadlines.
  4. Make yourself feel comfortable in your own home because you will be more productive and in a better mood if you stay in a pleasant environment.
  5. Try to include physical activity into your daily routine. Physical exercise will help you relieve stress, increase your self-esteem and leverage your overall mood.
  6. Keep your brain occupied and challenged. Read interesting books, listen to podcasts or watch a new movie/series. Start a new hobby, e.g. drawing, painting, colouring, playing musical instruments, singing or listing to music or even writing.
  7. Cooking can be an excellent distraction and activity to make good use of the time and avoid boredom. It is the time to try something new or to perfect your regular dishes.
  8. As some people should not or cannot leave their house, people who are able to move more flexibly (mostly younger people) should offer help to those people who need it, regarding grocery shopping or other errands which requires going outside.
  9. If you want to do research on the coronavirus topic, check the current situation or look up guidelines regarding behaviour and protection, just refer to reliable and professional sources. A reliable and professional source is the World Health Organisation.
  10. If you are in self-quarantine, use the time to catch up with books, podcasts, movies and other things you’ve been putting off.
  11. If someone you know actually gets quarantined, or gets infected with the virus, be there for them as much as you (safely) can, consider cooking them a meal and leaving it outside their door, which is safe to do.

All of our tips are in line with our 5 topics of the #SupporterofEachOther initiative:

  1. Education- sharing advice on how to stay healthy and safe during the COVID-19 outbreak
  2. Health- promoting physical activity at home
  3. Social Cohesion- supporting each other, especially people that are affected by self-isolation and other preventive measures
  4. Volunteering- encouraging people to start volunteering from home
  5. Inspire – sharing positive initiatives from all over the world to overcome the COVID-19 crisis

To overcome the COVID-19 crisis, we will be proving updates and information over the upcoming days and weeks. If you have any ideas or tips to improve our information, or if you or your organisation are taking preventive measures to overcome the virus, please let us know by email to

Become a #SupporterofEachOther and together, we can overcome the COVID-19 crisis!