RKC Waalwijk surprise OldStars player who recovered from the COVID-19

24 June 2020

RKC Waalwijk surprise OldStars player who recovered from the COVID-19

RKC Waalwijk’s OldStar team, together with some first-team players, surprised Joshua, who has officially recovered from COVID-19 after several weeks in intensive care.

At the beginning of March, RKC Waalwijk’s OldStars player Joshua, 66 years old, was hit by COVID-19. As his conditions got worse, he had to spend several weeks in intensive care, where his family could not visit him. The circumstances stayed critical until the 1st of May, when he officially recovered from the virus and could finally return home.

Since being back home, Joshua’s recovery has been steady, but there was still one thing that he was missing: his OldStars teammates.ย  Joshua decided to join the team two years ago, as he knew that walking football could give him the chance to play his beloved sport, despite the injuries he suffered in the past. Since then, the training sessions have been something that he looks forward to and he even got the chance to participate in a Walking Football event abroad.

To honour his commitment to the team and welcome him back after weeks of hospitalisations, the OldStars team, together with first-team players Daan Rienstra and Etienne Vaassen, decided to throw him a surprise party. Without Joshua knowing it, they decorated the whole house and the street.

“Joshua is always very committed to RKC Waalwijk. He really is a man of the club. On behalf of RKC it’s extra nice to put him in the spotlight”, said player Daan Rienstra after giving a signed jersey to a very moved Joshua. “This gives such a boost that you know there are so many people behind you. I only expect to come back stronger.”ย  the OldStars playerย said.