Panetolikos FC organised a Telecommunication Solidarity Marathon

12 June 2020

Panetolikos FC organised a Telecommunication Solidarity Marathon

On Sunday, May 31st, Panaitolikos in collaboration with Acheloos TV organised a Telemarathon for the strengthening of the Health structures of the Prefecture of Etoloakarnania.

Panaitolikos has been an active member of society, throughout its 94 years of existence. Through its strong sports and educational associations, undertaking initiatives that have brought together and supported the citizens of Aitoloakarnania (a region within central Greece, where Panetolikos is located).

The Telecommunication initiative by Panaitolikos and the regional television station (of Agrinio) Acheloos TV, was held to raise awareness and to encourage the participation of all, in an effort to support the health structures of Etoloakarnania. To highlight the need for a health system of better quality, following the effects of the pandemic that has invaded our lives, leaving behind victims. 

The following organisations announced their participation to support the initiative:

  • The First Diocese of Aetolia and Acarnania
  • The First Diocese of Nafpaktos and Agios Vlasios
  • The Region of Western Greece
  • The Municipality of Agrinio
  • The Chamber of Etoloakarnania
  • The Greek Red Cross (Agrinio Branch)
  • The 1st Scout System of Agrinio
  • The Association of Volunteer Blood Donors of Agrinio
  • The Association of Veteran Soccer Players of Panaitolikos

Throughout the Telecommunication Solidarity Marathon, Panaitolikos and volunteers within the community joined forces to:

  • deposit money in a bank account;
  • telephone billing line mode;
  • gather the necessary medical supplies for the health structures of Etoloakarnania, and
  • encourage voluntary blood donations.

The full amounts raised from the Telemarathon will be donated to the health structures of Etoloakarnania for supplies and equipment, to aid the improvement of the existing health facilities within the region.

You can read more on the club’s official website here