Motherwell FC Community Trust share tips on men’s health and wellbeing

19 June 2020

Motherwell FC Community Trust share tips on men’s health and wellbeing

Motherwell FC Community Trust honour National Men’s Health Week and shared tips to help improve health and wellbeing, with a special focus on the impact that COVID-19 is having on men.

From the 15 to 21 of June the UK celebrates the National Men’s Health Week. With so many men experiencing unemployment, and statistics suggesting major mental health impacts from the pandemic, this campaign wants to raise awareness on the health problems that men may have or could develop, and encourage them to do something about it.

To honour this event Motherwell FC Community Trust, together with their health and wellbeing partners Paycare, have shared few tips on how men can improve their health and wellbeing, especially during this delicate time. The document focuses on 5 different aspects of men’s health:

  • Seek Support – less than a third of the people accessing certain talking therapies are male, and yet men are three times more likely to take their own lives, with those in their late 40s are particularly at risk. This is why it’s imperative for anyone feeling stressed, depressed, or anxious reaches out and talks to someone.
  • Get to the doctor – while all non-essential outings are currently restricted, booking a doctor’s appointment if needed is absolutely essential and shouldn’t be avoided.
  • Use your exercise time – even a 30-minute walk can do the power of good to mental wellbeing, by boosting our mood, increasing self-perception and reducing stress by producing feel-good hormones.
  • Watch your waistline – men are slightly more likely to be diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes (56%) and one of the best ways to avoid the condition is to manage your weight and eat a balanced diet.
  • Talk to your employer –  ensure your organisation is aware of the challenges you’re facing.

Besides sharing tips, Motherwell FC Community Trust, together with their partner Time To Tackle, have distributed 50 mental health care packages to their supporters who have been struggling during this tough time. The packages include a journal, pens, a stress ball, treats, Breathing Space resources, bath salts, “The Recovery Letters” book & “Good Vibes Good Life” book.