How we can support the elderly

30 March 2020

How we can support the elderly

Older people are at a higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 which may result in increased stress. The fear and anxiety about the COVID-19 crisis can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions for many. So, solidarity between the different generations is highly important right now. 

How can relatives help senior members of their family?

The key during this difficult time is to communicate and support! Many senior citizens may not have access to a smartphone or even be on social media, so families need to make sure they call on a regular basis to check up on their loved ones, to help combat the effects of social isolation, such as loneliness.

What about elderly people in care homes?

During the next few weeks many social activities, such as art class, bingo and residents’ group well-being activities will be put on hold due to self-isolation and social-distancing. Even though we may not be able to visit our senior members of the family, there are still plenty of people and resources to help those in need during this challenging time and many ways in which we can show our support. 

Stevenage FC

Stevenage Football Club has pledged food to support the elderly. The clubs chairman Phil Wallace said: “We have kitchens we are not using, we have young players that can’t play football and we have an army of youngsters that, if asked and organized properly, would be willing to help distribute meals and obtain supplies.”

Nottingham Forrest

NFFC staff are ringing round to the veterans offering support and help to those that need it.

 Colchester United FC

Clochester FC have offered organisations who work directly with the elderly or vulnerable people to get in touch should they require support of their services.


Video calling facilities in care homes

This is a great initiative taken by Dearnlea Park Residential Care Home, to help residents reach out to their families whilst in self-isolation.  They even let the world know via social media. By helping residents use Skype and/or Facetime they can get in contact with their loved ones and know that they are there for them during this difficult time.

Please see details below for you to be able to contact your loved one ❤❤❤❤❤

Geplaatst door Dearnlea Park Residential Home op Donderdag 19 maart 2020

Geplaatst door Dearnlea Park Residential Home op Dinsdag 17 maart 2020