How COVID-19 has influenced footballers’ use of social media

5 June 2020

How COVID-19 has influenced footballers’ use of social media

British based Sports Marketing Agency Redtorch and Digital Football and Athlete experts 90/24 Media have released a report to study how COVID-19 has influenced footballers’use of social media.

Redtorch and 90/24 Media have put out a report examining how the current pandemic has impacted the use of three main stakeholders: players, brands & fans.

The report shows some interesting insights into how players’ social media behavior has changed during the past months, such as the fact that footballers have experienced a considerable growth rate on Instagram during the lockdown, reaching the highest average engagement rate on Instagram. Such a growth rate is also more significant if compared to other sports teams, which have experienced slower growth.

‘In these insecure times, we are all trying to find means of communications. With our friends, family’s and colleagues but also with our customers. It’s good to see how football players and fans are connecting and engaging in these times. We are humble and proud that we are allowed to play a key role in this.’ said Marco Paans, CEO of 90/24 Media.