FPF turns scarves into masks to support Food Banks

12 June 2020

FPF turns scarves into masks to support Food Banks

Supporter of Each Other and EFDN member, the FPF (Portuguese Football Federation) decided to give a second life to thousands of National Team scarves, turning them into reusable social masks. The goal of which is to help fight the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, with all the money raised going to the Emergency Network of Food Banks against Hunger.

With these solidarity masks, in both adult and child sizes, FPF is not only showing a unique design but also contributing to a more sustainable world. The materials were recycled with the help of a Portuguese factory, Barata and Garcia. The masks are now available for sale at the FPF Portugal Store.

“The Portuguese are always present in supporting the National Team. Even in the most complicated moments, they are always there. At a difficult time for the Portuguese, the National Team wants to repay that support and what better way to do it than by turning the scarves of the Equipa das Quinas into social masks,” said Nuno Moura, marketing director of the FPF about the reasons that led the federation to produce the social masks.

“All the value generated will revert in its entirety to the Emergency Network of the Food Bank against Hunger. We really want people to give their face to this cause and wear the mask with national pride, knowing that all the profit generated will feed needy families,” he added, revealing that since the beginning of the pandemic, the FPF has raised more than 2.5 million euros in solidarity actions.

Isabel Jonet applauds the initiative

The president of the Federation of Food Banks against Hunger, Isabel Jonet, applauded the FPF initiative, valuing the fact that it reconciles environmental and social aspects.

“I think it’s extraordinary that it can be achieved in such an intelligent and, apparently, so simple way to bring these two strands together in a single initiative. On the one hand, there is the recycling of scarves; on the other, there is social responsibility, by making the values of selling masks revert to the Emergency Food Network”.

“By putting on the FPF masks, people will be protecting themselves and others from contagion, but also feeding those who need it most. It is an innovative idea that will certainly be replicated in other countries. The fact that the production is national is also noteworthy. Producing and distributing the masks with Portuguese companies allows jobs for many people”, Isabel Jonet concluded.

Buy your unique mask now and be part of this great project!