European clubs don’t let food go to waste

17 March 2020

European clubs don’t let food go to waste

Three tons. This is the amount of food that would have been on sale in the bars and refreshment points around Allianz Stadium during the Coppa Italia game Juventus-Milan. In addition to that, there was also food that was initially intended for over 4 000 people within the Premium Clubs.

Fortunately, these meals did not go to waste. Juventus decided to go on and prepare the food anyway and specifically donate them to the needy. This was done, with thanks to the help of four associations in Turin, who all took care of the collection and distribution of food.

The Italian team is not alone. Aston Villa Foundation and Fulham FC Foundation, both donated to homeless charities. The donations included all of the lunches and hot food which were initially meant to be for the staff during the postponed matches on the 13th and 14th of March.

Another English team that participated in this kind of initiative is Brighton & Hove Albion FC, which donated all surplus fruit and vegetables, dairy products and sandwiches to Sussex Homeless Support, who used it to serve various night shelters and soup kitchens around Brighton and Hove.