What is #Supporter of Each Other?

The goal of this new campaign is to inspire people, players, fans, clubs, leagues, FAs and all other organisations and companies to support each other to overcome the current COVID-19 crisis. We will communicate tips and initiatives to stop the further spread of the virus, to stay healthy and socially active from home and to look after each other. The campaign informs people about the activities and initiatives taken by people, players, clubs, leagues and FAs from all around Europe. In addition to this, Supporter of Each Other also encourages everyone to contribute to fundraising initiatives, for example, from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Foundation.

Why did we start #Supporter of Each Other?

For the good of our society, we all need to do our part to prevent the further spread of the virus but also to keep society going. Especially in times like this, we must not forget the people that need our support the most. We need to help people to get better, prevent further spread of the virus and support people that are affected by self-isolation and other preventive measures. The time has come for us all to unite and to become a supporter of your own family, your neighbours, the people working in healthcare and the people in your community that you might not know, but who need the support of others to overcome this crisis.

How do we support each other?

Supporter of each other will highlight best practice examples from football and community organisations internationally. We will focus on the following 5 topics:
1. Education- sharing advice on how to stay healthy and safe during the COVID-19 outbreak
2. Health- promoting physical activity at home
3. Social Cohesion- supporting each other, especially the people in risk of isolation
4. Volunteering- encouraging people to start volunteering from home
5. Inspire – sharing positive initiatives from all over the world to overcome the COVID-19 crisis

Why Football?

Football has the power to bring people together, regardless of their cultural and language differences. It has the ability to bring communities together by connecting people with the sport that brings them joy. It breaks down barriers that divide us from one another and it can be a powerful tool for social development – even in the state of crisis.

At times like this, it doesn’t matter what your age, race or gender is, what nationality you have or which colours your favourite club has. We all need to stand together and become a #SupporterofEachother to overcome this crisis. The #SupporterofEachOther campaign is for everyone! Every person, club, organisation or company can join our campaign and become a #Supporterofeachother.

Who started #SupporterofEachOther?

The European Football for Development Network (EFDN) launched ‘Supporter of Each Other” together with several clubs and other football organisations. EFDN consists of more than 90 professional football clubs, leagues and FAs who are committed to their communities and social responsibilities and have the passion to cooperate and engage on a European level. The network aims to promote the power of football as a tool for social development and support the efforts of the network members in their initiatives to use football to reach out to various target groups in their communities.

We are Supporter of Each Other

More than 90 clubs, leagues, FAs and other organisations have joined our campaign. You can find the whole list of Supporters here.